Tuesday 23rd February 10.47am

We hope you are all doing well and feeling a ‘little’ more positive after the announcements yesterday. 

The PMs announcement yesterday does mean that we can run and operate outdoor activities from the 29th March in England. This means that all our walks and courses from the 9th April (which is our first group walk) will be going ahead…in England. At this moment we do not have an update about Wales. As soon as the Welsh Government give an update we will again update those people. However, we expect it to be similar, so assume walks and courses can go ahead. 

The only issue some people may have is with accommodation. Only camping and self-contained accommodation will be available from the 12th April and with the rest of the accommodation opening on the 17th May. This means that people booked on to walks and courses in England between 9th April and 17th May who do need accommodation and can not travel to the events in a day will need to reschedule. If you can drive to and from the walk/course, or will be camping, or you have self-contained accommodation, then you are good to go. 

We will contact everyone booked on to walks and courses in England between the 9th April and 17th May over the next couple of days. But again, if you don’t need accommodation and can travel in the day then just ignore that email. 

17th May onwards we expect to be business as usual (in a way) with normal group sizes, all accommodation open, and even the good ol Lakeland pubs serving a well deserved drink indoors and outdoors. We are expecting it to be very busy in the National Parks especially as hopes of a holiday aboard are not looking great! If you have not booked accommodation then we highly suggest doing so as soon as possible.  

That’s it really. We will be in contact shortly with those mentioned above. There is only me working at the moment so it is taking some time to go through all this admin so please be patient. 

See you all soon

Jamie and the MW team