Reasons to go hiking this September

05th September 2019

Like we need a reason, but here are some anyway.

Ashness Bridge



1. The beauty of autumn is starting to appear


The leaves are starting to turn brown. The landscape is starting to look different. After the lush green of the summer, the outdoors can look absolutely stunning at the start of autumn – and it’s still warm enough (hopefully) to enjoy.


2. Good for your mental wellbeing


The end of summer and September can signify change – the kids go back to school; life becomes more about busy schedules rather than long, lazy days. A short retreat into the outdoors can just be what the doctor ordered to help with the transition.


3. Your last chance to complete that challenge


Did you have a walking challenge on your list of new year’s resolutions in January but still haven’t got around to completing it? With the winter fast approaching, there’s still time to complete your hiking challenge before the weather turns colder and wetter, and the days get shorter.


4. Goodbye busy, hello peace and quiet


With kids returning to school in September, walking and visiting Snowdonia and the Lake District is simply sublime with fewer crowds and more comfortable conditions. It’s also easier to find accommodation and cheaper as its outside the school holidays.


5. We might get a last-minute heatwave


And if we do get an Indian summer, wouldn’t you want to be out walking somewhere amazing? And even if we don’t get some sun in September, the weather is usually warmer than May and drier than March, so it can’t be that bad can it?


What are your reasons to go hiking this September?

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