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Which course is right for me?

09th February 2018

Which is the right hillwalking course for me? Hillwalking requires a good knowledge of skills and competence so you can enjoy the hills and mountains safely. The ability to anticipate and deal with potential problems, being prepared for all eventualities and having the confidence to make important decisions are skills every hillwalker should know. These skills are often difficult to learn and for the beginner knowing where to start can be daunting. At Mountain Walks we offer a range of skills based courses which have been carefully created to give you those important skills no matter what your level of experience.

To make things even simpler we have created 5 courses which we believe targets beginners up to intermediate hillwalkers.     Beginners.   Experience level: Complete beginner who wants to get started but not sure where. May have completed a...

Snowdon – 5 of the best views

29th January 2018

Snowdon is not only the highest peak in Snowdonia but it’s the grandest and most dominate. Snowdon occupies a vast area between Beddgelert, Pen-y-Pass and Llanberis and is one of the three main mountain groups in Snowdonia. Snowdon is a ‘Massif’, a group or range of mountains, with Snowdon being the highest point at 1085m. The range is made up of 7 other peaks including Yr Aran, Moel Eilio and the iconic Crib Goch. There are numerous views to be enjoyed of Snowdon from many different vantage points.

Crib Goch ridge over to the summit of Snowdon

Below are five of the best views of Snowdon and we hope they inspire you to seek out some of the beautiful views on this magnificent mountain.   1. Sunset over Snowdon from Llynnau Mymbyr   The view which greets...

Climb Snowdon – Llanberis Path

27th January 2018

The Llanberis Path is often known as the ‘tourist path’, this is the most popular and certainly the busiest of the main routes to the top of Snowdon. The Llanberis Path is a relatively easy walk due to its gradual ascent, and simple to navigate, this is also the longest of the routes so a good level of fitness is required. Although I don’t like to use the word ‘easy’ for any route (no mountain route is easy in poor conditions), the Llanberis Path is certainly the easiest of the main routes. However in heavy rain, strong winds, poor visibility and certainly winter conditions the route can be difficult.

Snowdon Llanberis Path

The Llanberis Path starts outside Snowdon Mountain Railway Llanberis Station just off the A4086. The car park opposite has 300 spaces (approx.) and costs £6 for the day (as of July 2014). Head south-east along the A4086 away from Llanberis...

Snowdon Watkin Path

17th January 2018

The Watkin Path is the toughest route to the summit of Snowdon with a challenging final ascent and stunning views. The Watkin Path is considered to be the most challenging of the six ‘classic’ routes to the summit of Snowdon. Starting just a few metres above sea level, the route offers the biggest vertical ascent gain to the summit, as well as sections of steep and loose scree making the final approach demanding. That said, the Watkin Path is also thought to be the best route to the summit of Snowdon and certainly a personal favourite of ours.

Watkin Path Snowdon

The Snowdon Watkin Path was first opened in 1892 by Prime Minister William Gladstone in front of 2,000 people. This was the first official footpath in Great Britain, hence the importance of the ‘Gladstone Rock’ which you will see on...

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